About Urban Miami

About Urban Miami


The Urban Miami story … 

The goal was simple. Create a platform where like minds could commune and congregate outside of South Beach and a strip club. That platform evolved into event advertising through the web and social media. 

In 2014, I decided to bring my talents back to my home, Dade County, after education and professional development in central and north Florida, Georgia and Missouri. Preparing for my return home for my 25th birthday, there was not anything I found on social media or the web that would give my 25th birthday the feel I was looking for. I did what most people do when they can’t find what they’re looking for, … I created it! 

In its simplest form, I had a party. Not just any party, a Black & White Affair, with a very strict upscale dress code. The congregation of these young like minded professionals, birthed …

Urban Miami

Urban Miami is a pioneer in Event Advertisement targeting young Black Professionals in South Florida. Since 2014, we have connected 100s of thousands of people and entities to events, news resources, and most significantly, each other. With the expansion and combination of social media platforms and the natural growth of our partners and customers, the goal was reached. 

Urban Miami is not just an experience, it has become a lifestyle. A name synonymous with growth, progression and celebration. Where you’re from does not determine where you’re going. What you don’t have does not have to be what you won’t have. Persevering through it all to continuously reach your goals. Sharing in those moments with people and organizations that will take the time to understand and celebrate you. 

A service to the community of event advertising has evolved into a brand … a brand that recognizes those who are able to relate to the joys and wonders of … the Urban Miami.